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Hidden Secrets Wellness Spa Ltd provides skin rejuvenation services to women and men. Dilynda Cassoniknown as a rejuvenation specialist, has hands that some would say work miracles for relaxation. 

Hidden Secrets was born out of an idea of wanting to create a wellness, tropical stress getaway. The atmosphere in a spa should always be clean and sterile, but it is hard to get totally relaxed if you feel as if you are in a hospital room.

When you enter a personal body relaxing environment, you should feel a sense of relaxation and warmth from the moment you walk through the door. This along with great products and a caring, professional specialist, work together to create a total "relax and rejuvenate" experience. We want our clients to be anxious to come back for their next visit. 

Hidden Secrets is committed to creating a personal, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, using all natural ocean and oxygen infused products that enhance, heal and correct the skin. Caring for each client's  individual skin care need is a total commitment at "Hidden Secrets".

The Complete wellness experience should flow together to make it an unforgettable one.

Hidden Secrets also offers Wellness Counseling with Arela Taranta, LMSW

Relaxation and the right product use for each individual is one of the keys to a youthful appearance.  Fine lines and wrinkles are nothing to fear anymore. There are so many different treatments available now that weren't before.  You have to get to know your skin and learn how to nourish it properly. 
                          Dilynda Cassoni
                     (Esthetician & Cosmetologist)
Come visit us and have a sense of the tropics.
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Before or after your treatments, there's nothing better than relaxing in aromas and ambiance. Experience the personal luxury of Hidden Secrets!

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