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 Cures is a corrective therapy line of skincare products that are designed to treat the root cause of skin and body conditions by promoting healing by correctting the internal imbalances that cause external conditions. Cures offers curative and corrective therapies. Products that will always offer results.

 Each product is made with:
  • powerful natural ingredients
  • ingredients derived from land & sea plants
  • Ingredients work in harmony with the body to correct internal imbalances & supply missing enzymes
  • Powerful Botanical Extracts working with vehicles to target the root of each condition

 Cures formulated products with varoius curative seaweed plants. The essential minerals and trace elements in seaweed can be absorbed into the body through the skin where they can fortify and heal in many ways.

 Cures uses three types of seaweed. Laminaria Digitata (fortifying and healing), Lithothamnium Calcareum (rich in calcium & magnesium), Fucus Vesiculosis (weight loss, detoxifies & prompts elimination of excess body fat). These three are harvested once a year, off the the coast of Brittany, France. 

 Through research, Marine biologist have discovered the body's blood plasma holds a similarity to sea water, so therefore that is what makes Cures treatments result oriented services. 

I feel very strongly about the benefits of Cures by Avance' . As well as I do about the Oxygen Pure Line that I use for the ultra sound microderm exfoliation treatment. I look forward to passing all of my knowledge and the benefits of these products on to you.
                       Dilynda Cassoni
           (Esthetician & Cosmetologist)

- Stacy Adams
 (massage therapist)
Seaweed's Penetration
Skin is instantly remineralized and detoxified simultaneiously. Seaweed restores and preserves your well-being. The riches of the sea allow for overall balance and powerful healing.

Your skin reflects everything that is going on inside the body. The face and body are a map of all the internal organs, glands and systems. Call for your root cause analysis.
                     Hope we will see you soon!

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